Boost™ for New Leaders

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Teach the Secrets of a Successful Transition to Management

Support your first-time managers in developing the leadership skills and confidence needed to transition effectively into their new roles.

Making the jump from individual contributor to manager is a transition that every leader must make, but becoming a first-time manager can be challenging. New leaders need to reconsider the way they think about success. The skills, knowledge, and perspectives that helped them get the new leadership role are not necessarily what will help them excel or advance in their careers.

Too many first-time managers get no support in this transition and struggle in their new roles, and their teams suffer as a result. Data supports this:

  • 60% report not receiving development
    50% are rated as “ineffective” by their superiors
    40% fail within the first 18 months

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Boost Your First-Time Managers’ Chances of Success

Our first-time manager program, CCL Boost™ for New Leaders, is an online, self-paced training that helps this critical, inexperienced population of leaders understand the skills needed to transition effectively into a management role.

Becoming a first-time manager can be difficult. Some of the most common challenges that first-time managers face include:

  • Adjusting to managing others and leveraging authority
  • Developing managerial and personal effectiveness
  • Leading team achievement
  • Managing internal stakeholders and politics
  • Driving performance and accountability
  • Resolving conflict and enhancing communication

Participants in our first-time manager program learn the 6 essential shifts they must make to succeed and discover research-based tactics they can use on the job to attain immediate success in their new role. It also provides actionable, practical advice and examples.

This course’s format is focused on effective, dynamic, bite-sized learning, with 3 steps:

  • Watch: Video case studies showing successful tactics to try
  • Read: Assignments for practice and actionable tips, tools, and tactics to try as they make the shift from individual contributor to new leader
  • Reflect: Guided reflection activities to develop your skills, review their effectiveness, and improve your future actions.

Why Choose Our Program on Becoming a New Manager?

CCL Boost™ delivers our world-class, research-driven leadership development through an intuitive, self-paced online learning platform.

Like our other new manager courses, CCL Boost™ for New Leaders is a research-backed and impactful training for first-time managers. Learning is reinforced through a variety of ways, including video case studies, thought-provoking reflection exercises, and practice assignments. New managers receive downloadable resources, practical tools, job aids, and actionable tips to apply immediately in their new role.

CCL Boost™ for New Leaders

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Multiple participants?
Scale-up options and volume pricing available for organizations wishing to develop multiple frontline managers or customize a version of this frontline leadership program for their unique context and culture. Contact us for more details.