XEd SPACE — Our specialist skills, knowledge and expertise

The co-founders of XEd Space have enjoyed diverse careers in business, not for profits and the Australian military. For more than 20 years, the founders (and many of our 'Tribe') have worked with the top Australian business schools (the Australian Graduate School of Management, Melbourne Business School, Sydney University’s John Grills Centre, and Mt Eliza Executive Education). Intellectual curiosity, and a desire to work with the leading organisations, to help translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills that leaders and organisations can implement to drive high performance have been the common threads.

But XEd Space brings much more to clients than simply the skills, knowledge and expertise of the founders. We specialise in navigating the space between clients that have business and performance needs that must be met, and a diverse and eclectic range of experts that can deliver to meet those client needs.

XEd Space and our team of associates are highly experienced in designing programs, facilitating, coaching (one on one and in teams), advising and building high performance capability both in international sport and business. And importantly, we rarely do it alone. It is simply part of our DNA to work with partnering organisations (clients, program owners, technology providers, business groups, business schools) to find the right people to deliver the right programs that deliver the best possible outcomes for you.

Michael Curtin

Michael Curtin

Co-Founder, former military officer, global consultant and C-suite ‘teams nerd’. 

Ric Leahy

Ric Leahy

Co-Founder, former military officer, strategist and ‘neuro nerd’.



Experienced client relationship professional.  Provides practical, relevant learning for improved capability and ongoing excellence.



Accredited C-Suite coach, change agent and organisational problem solver.



Global executive leadership design and facilitation, former management and strategy consultant.



Associate, Changing lives every day through executive coaching, facilitation, medical practice (GP).



Psychologist, facilitator, coach. Executive education – Director of major business school. Significant international experience.



Global Consultant.  Former lawyer, Board Director, Executive Leadership Facilitator/Coach “Conversational Intelligence Enthusiast”.



CCL Open Enrolment Programs Director. Corporate Manager turned Leadership Whisperer, Facilitator, Coach, Board Chair with a passion for sport and dancing.



Global Leadership Coach, Consultant and Facilitator. Networking & Relationships ‘nerd’



Internationally recognised Leadership Developer working in 32 countries. Author of “Leadership the Slow-Cooking Way”



Organisational Psychologist with a passion and curiosity for human behaviour. Systems thinker who loves working with individuals, teams and organisations to maximise their potential.



In demand expert on living and leading a great life despite the fact that $h!t happens.



Coach, facilitator and systems thinker, with a passion for high quality questions and real conversations .

Jo Hansen170321-035ed


Facilitator and coach, who loves working with solution-focused leaders to help them get to the bottom of what’s holding them back, so they are free to have the big impact they desire.

Sam Luxemburg


Over 20 years in the IT industry; mid-life crisis; over 25 years as psychologist, counsellor and adult educator. Plus a lot of life experience.

Specialties: Conflict Resolution, Leadership Mentoring




Experienced Facilitator, Coach and Counsellor with an international background in shipping, theatre, and education.  Passionate about helping individuals and teams develop systems awareness.

Jasmine pic


Executive Coaching and Career Development
Organizational Development Consultant
Cross Cultural Relationships
Individual and Group Coaching
Executive Development

Talent Management
Leadership Development
People and Performance



Facilitator and social media whiz with a passion for art and social connection.



Facilitator, coach, cross-cultural expert.

Because leadership never stops…

The XEd Tribe is a group of keen leadership fanatics that support and maintain relationships with the 'Tribe' to assist us all in shifting the dial in leadership performance. 

XEd Tribe

We believe…

  • that everyone has the right but maybe not the confidence, the tools or the experience to excel;
  • that leadership lessons don’t need to take years or be learnt from trial and error;
  • that modern organisations truly need highly capable and confident new leaders who can shift the dial and achieve great results; and
  • that new leaders have the right to feel encouraged, challenged and supported with expert knowledge to accelerate their success.

XEd creates that space – the space for the courageous accelerated growth of key leaders who want to make a difference.


Preparing today’s leaders for tomorrow’s challenges

Since their founding in 1970, it’s been CCL’s mission to advance the understanding, practice, and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide. CCL strives to make the world a better place through more effective leadership.

CCL’s human-centered experiences ignite transformational and sustainable change for individuals, organizations, and the communities they serve.

CCL believes in the powerful potential impact of leadership on society. Effective leaders can transform individuals, organizations, communities, and our world.

That’s why CCL partner with others around the globe to build leadership capacity and support sustainable social change.

Together, we can be even stronger in our quest to improve the world. We readily embrace the opportunity to work with any individual or organization that sees leadership development as a means to deepen their impact.

CCL are excited to partner with XEd Space to deliver these experiences in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region.


For nearly two decades, the Financial Times has consistently ranked the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)® among the world’s top providers of executive education.

The rankings are based on direct feedback from organizational and individual clients who rated leading executive education providers including Harvard, Wharton, IMD, and Insead for quality and impact. No other Australian organisations have ranked in the global top 10.

Interested in the CCL programs in the USA, Asia Pacific or Europe - more information here.


XEd Space partners regularly with CCL on research projects to create new knowledge that advances our field and that positively transforms the way leaders, their organisations and their societies confront the most difficult challenges of the Twenty-First Century.


Our current 2023 research project looks at the importance of women's leadership in the Asia Pacific region. Women's leadership contributes to many aspects of societal, economic, and political development; promoting diversity, inclusion, and innovative thinking.


XEd Space are proud to partner once more with CCL on some new ground breaking research in this field as CCL’s research and design powers all the work that we at XEd Space do.


Over the years, the Centre for Creative Leadership has invested heavily to research and understand the challenges faced by the women leaders and the enablers that will help them reshape the future. CCL published the books: Standing at the Crossroads: Next Steps for High-Achieving Women where the term “glass-ceiling” was coined, Kick Some Glass: 10 Ways Women Succeed at Work on their own terms and Beating the Odds: Winning Strategies of Women in STEM.


Through November and December 2023, we are seeking input via survey responses and interviews that will help us better understand the APAC perspectives on Women In Leadership (APAC-WILL).


The ask of you is to spend about 15 minutes to answer multiple-choice questions on the challenges and developmental opportunities for women in leadership and actions that support women leadership efforts. Upon completion of the survey, as a token of our gratitude for sharing your views, you can download a copy of CCL's guidebook ‘Learning Agility: Unlock the Lessons of Experience’.

Here is the link to the survey: https://bit.ly/apac-will-au 


In 2021/22 XEd partnered with CCL to examine 'Leading in a Hybrid World' approaches throughout the APAC region. A copy of this report is available by contacting us directly.